Message From GDSA President

Dr. Kirk Bressette PhD President-GDSA

It is such a privilege to have you visit our website, Georgia Driving School Association! One of the first things you will notice is we have great unity within our members. This is paramount to all our members, and one of the characteristics that makes this association so strong and desirable to be a part of. We are an association where every voice matters and we will not leave anyone behind.

One thing we members know, is that for an association to make change and solidify its organization, for good, it must be built on excellence. Excellence is defined as being outstanding and produces prosperity. We as an association build each other up to do just that! We strive for excellence! We believe in excellence! We as an association are striving to be excellent!

As we bind together, strive for excellence, we will increase in the knowledge of our industry, increase in our ability to work together, and increase in the possibility of changing and saving lives on the highway in the state of Georgia!

We encourage you to join us as we continue to add new members across the great state of Georgia! Help us become united with each other, as well as work side by side with our partners and stakeholders as we strive for excellence together.

GDSA History

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GDSA Officers

Al Barber – Chairman, CEO

Brad Barber – Vice Chairman, CFO

Dr. Kirk Bressette, PhD – President, COO

Matthew Momtahan – Secretary

Reene Eday -Vice President/ CTO

Vacant – Vice President/CRO

GDSA Board of Directors

Chairman, CEO – Al Barber – Barber’s Driving School

Vice Chairman, CFO- Brad Barber – Georgia Driving Academy

President, COO – Dr. Kirk Bressette. PhD

Secretary – Matthew Momtahan – West Metro Driving School

Board Member – Stormi Kenney – Kennesaw Driving School

Board Member – Mark Momtahan – West Metro Driving School

Board Member – Nancy Sills – 1st Stop Georgia Driving Academy

VACANT – School Member

VACANT – School Member

VACANT – School Member

VACANT – School Member

GDSA Organizational Structure