Member Recruitment

Membership Types

Tier I Membership - Individuals Tier I Membership - Individuals
$50 per year
Appropriate membership for
  • Driving Instructors
  • Teachers
  • Clinical Evaluators
  • Occupational & Physical Therapists
  • Addiction Counselors
  • Any other individual in a related field

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Tier II Membership - Groups Tier II Membership - Groups
$250 per year
Appropriate membership for
  • Associations
  • Government Agencies
  • Corporations (For-Profit)
  • Organizations (Non-Profit)
  • Foundations

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Tier III Membership - Institutions Tier III Membership - Institutions
$500 per year
Appropriate membership for
  • Driving Training Schools (Private and Public)
  • Driver Improvement Clinics
  • Alcohol & Drug Risk Reduction Programs
  • Commercial Truck Driver Training Driving Schools
  • High Schools, Colleges, Universities, and Technical Colleges

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Membership Benefits

After joining, all Tier II and Tier III members will be listed in the member directory (unless you choose to opt-out at sign up, or through your account management page at any time).

This directory is available to the public on the GDSA website and provides a valuable list of Georgia service providers, searchable by name, location and services provided.

You will be able to manage the information shown on your profile in this directory by signing into your GDSA account at any time. This includes your business logo, contact information, all of your business locations and their contact info, services you provide, a photo gallery, website links, a current deal/special you are running and more!

Some of the additional "offline" benefits for each type of member are listed below:

Tier I - Individual Benefits 

  1. Annual Traffic Law updates
  2. Discounts from GDSA Driving Schools on programs and courses
  3. Shopping Discounts from Businesses such as Auto Dealers
  4. Employment Opportunities/Job listing and Resume/ Travel Instructor Pool

Tier II - Group Benefits

  1. Association discounts through our purchasing power
  2. Discounts on Congresses and Conventions to display and present
  3. Discount Advertising in our Publication
  4. Partnership opportunities with Private Entities 
  5. Continuing Education
  6. Sell your product or services to our members
  7. BTB Trade Opportunities

Tier III - School Benefits

  1. Be part of the overall shaping of our industry (Unity) (Committee Works)
  2. Continuing Education
  3. Congresses and Conventions
  4. Instructor Recruiting/Training (Excellence)
  5. Defensive Driving Courses (DDC) *Coming soon
  6. Instructor Training Courses
  7. Other unique programs to help increase your revenue (Prosperity

Membership Period and Renewal

Membership period is 1 full year starting July 1st of each year. Dues are pro-rated based on when you join.

If you join between May 30th-June 30th of the current membership year, dues for the next membership year will be added to the payment. Pro-rating only apply to dues for the current membership year and membership for the next year will be due in full.